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Emerging designers are always refining their craft and seeking new ways to engage their patrons with exciting and engaging creations that uplift and inspire. Among these fashion artists is Bianca M. Williams, founder and CEO of B. Pretty Inc., which is establishing itself as a fine purveyor of plus-size clothing, and now eyelashes. “I wanted to create something that was special,” Bianca notes, “something for everyone.”

Beginning with plus-size ensembles, Bianca, who has been featured in the national publication Hip Hop Weekly (3x), cites fashion as her lifelong passion. She is now evolving into eyelashes to bring out the natural ocular beauty of the wearer in a product that is comfortable, even with extended wear. “I wanted to preserve that natural look,” says the designer, “while keeping it comfortable all day long.” The fit and craftsmanship of her work soon gained Bianca and B. Pretty a prominent seat at the industry table. Fashion shows beckoned, most recently at Black Rock’s Beauty For All extravaganza in Bridgeport, Connecticut and Runway The Realway at New York City’s plush Yotel. After being a product sponsor at the 3rd Female Hip Hop Honor Awards, Bianca is now ready to be a household name in the business of lashes and celebrity designs. Building her brand and throwing Lash parties all across the East Coast, is the next level for this designer who has been spotted with the likes of comedienne, actress, author and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg, CEO of multi-media entertainment company Monami Mona Scott Young, Bravo’s Fashion Queens star Derek J, VH1’s Love & Hip Hop star Tahiry Jose, VH1’s Mob Wives Ramona Rizzo, Hip Hop Legend Roxanne Shante and more. With such company and a serious work ethic, the sky’s the limit for this talented young lady.

For more information on B Pretty Lashes or Customer Care:info@bprettylashes.com.

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